Navigating on US imaging

For ultrasound guided interventional procedures, a tracking sensor is attached on the tail of a needle instrument. Pari-Path surgical navigation system will display a real-time tracked simulated needle with respect to the ultrasound image in a 3D space. No matter if the surgical needle can be clearly displayed or not in 2D Ultrasound image. A treating ellipse area can also be displayed.



Pari-path surgical navigation

Other surgical navigation

No Navigation Ultrasound only

Position accuracy

about 1~2 mm* in a wide region

In a region close to sensor



Needle should be in the ultrasound plane


No 3D guidance


Hard to locate needle tip

Direction accuracy

about 0.50~10 * in a wide region



popular needle-liked instruments

special needles only



expensive, disposal

Two dimensional


Three dimensional

Needle with respect to

2D ultrasound images


Needle with respect to

3D plane of ultrasound probe

Needle with respect to

2D ultrasound images