3D Image Analysis

Similar to CT/MRI workstation, with the Pari-Path navigation system the patient's two-dimensional images can be reconstructed into three-dimensional images and can be observed from multiple perspectives.

Importantly the Pari-Path navigation system's software isolates individual organs within the images.

The Pari-Path navigation system provides analysis software tools for accurate three-dimensional image information. This is used for surgical planning, virtual surgery and surgical navigation.


• Import CT/MR images into the navigation system via network, USB disk, or CD/DVD.

• Different display modes to observe the organizations more clearly in two and three dimensional.

• Measure in two and three dimensional.

• Display any aspect, including cross-sectional plane, coronal plane, and sagittal plane.  

• Segment lesions or other tissues from surrounding tissues.

• Adjustable gray balance, contrast, scale, transparency and position.

• Rotate, pan and zoom to observe the organizations more clearly.


  • The left window shows an overlap of CT image and US image coincided. The right window shows a US plane in a 3D CT model, with a planned needle and a real time needle.