Surgical navigation system

The Pari-Path surgical navigation system is a stereotactic accessory for Computed Tomography (CT) and Ultrasound imaging systems.

It displays the simulated image of an interventional instrument (a tracked insertion tool), such as a biopsy needle, an ablation needle, or probe, on a computer monitor that shows an image model of the target organs along with the current and projected path of the interventional instrument.
It is intended for treatment planning and intra-operative guidance for surgical procedures.
This FDA cleared imaging system is intended for visualizing anatomical structures during clinical interventions.
Good accuracy for navigation direction. It is up to 1.5 degree when using in good condition;
Sensor reusable. Disposal parts are affordable;
Applicable for different needle instruments. Sensor can be easily mounted on the tail of needle instruments;
Easy registering just on mouse click. There are no skin markers to handle;
CT and Ultrasound fusion. CT and Ultrasound are overlapped for better observation;
Strong 3D imaging functions. Surgical planning and real-time navigation are based on 3D image models of patients;
Detailed specified surgical planning feature. Simulating ablation area and needle placement are planned for needle tip to cover whole lesion region for optimal region treatment.
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