Surgical Navigation

The navigation system tracks the surgical instruments/needles’ movement in real time with respect to the 3D model of patient (including the preplanned needle route). This allows the surgeon to precisely locate the target, minimize injury and ensure the surgery is improved in respect to accuracy, safety and effectiveness.

The Pari-Path navigation system provides a real time 3D monitoring and navigation tool for percutaneous procedures.

1. Intraoperative navigation with pre-acquired CT images

2. Intraoperative navigation with ultrasound imaging


  • Here is a demo of real time surgical navigation based on three dimensional images of patient’s CT scan. Two windows give side view and front view. The first step is to approach the inserting point. The second step is modify the needle's direction to align with planned green route. The third step is then to advance the surgical needle.



  • A simulated needle shows always where the real surgical needle is in 3D space, no matter if the surgical needle can be clearly displayed or not in 2D US image.



  • In a scenes of 3D CT image model,  a real- time surgical needle tries to be collinear with  a planned surgical path and moves toward the target.